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Case Results

A $700,000 settlement in Reading two days before jury selection for malpractice by an Optometrist. He failed to apply full time patching to a minor's crossed eye over a four year period beginning when the child was only two years of age. The damage was compromised vision in one eye with a potential reduction of earning capacity.

A $300,000 settlement in Chester County for a child born mildly retarded due to undetected infection in the days before delivery. The settlement was made at 4:30 p.m. on August 31,1998 which is the last day for medical claims that year. There were no out of pocket specials.

Another $200,000 settlement in Delaware County of a brachial plexus injury partially resolved alleging obstetrical negligence at birth. The child now lives in Jamaica with his mother who was only visiting here when she delivered thereby complicating the earning capacity claim.

A $1.1 million dollar award in Pittsburgh after a one day binding high-low arbitration. The claim filed in Blair County concerned dental malpractice against an oral-maxillofacial surgeon who unnecessarily performed surgery to split the jaw bone of a 50 year old woman already on disability. The surgery failed and the results were concealed from the patient.

Two unrelated obstetrical negligence claims resolved for $2 million and $2.9 million dollars in Philadelphia for severely brain injured infants with cerebral palsy. There was a delay in performing cesarean section delivery causing perinatal asphyxia. Plaintiffs had 8 experts.

A $300,000 settlement before trial in Centre County for failure of emergency and attending physicians to diagnose a ruptured aortic aneurysm in a 45 year old single male with no dependants earning minimum wage and with several hours of pain and suffering.

A $850,000 settlement in Philadelphia for a 40 year old woman who brought a product liability claim against a manufacturer of a foot press that lacked interlocks and guards. She sustained a crush injury to her dominant hand and alleged reflex sympathetic dystrophy which was contested due to lack of bone demineralization by bone scan.

A $2 million dollar cash settlement in Delaware County for a hemiplegic 55 year old single mechanic. He purchased a used 1967 Mustang from a private person who advertised the car as "good condition." The car was actually titled to a dealership and welded together with metal bars and plates because of rust. The plaintiff lost control of the car while passing and the car broke in half allegedly before it hit a tree. Crash worthiness, negligence, breach of contract and fraud theories were presented against the dealership. The car was destroyed. Spoliation was an issue.

A $795,000 settlement in Philadelphia for a construction laborer who fell two stories because a metal scaffold allegedly failed when wooden planks were overloaded with cinder blocks. Theories of negligence and malfunction were presented against the manufacturer/supplier of used leased scaffold equipment. The employer lost the failed scaffold after photographs and a videotape were taken by plaintiff. Spoliation was an issue.

A $149,000 Camden County federal arbitration award in favor of a 48 year old woman who fractured her foot stepping from a portable defective gangway onto a floating dock after exiting a sailboat for a sightseeing cruise in Cape May, NJ. Pre-existing fractures and Charcot foot disease in this diabetic woman complicated the damage picture. Issues of admiralty were avoided.

A $300,000 binding arbitration award in Philadelphia for a 50 year old woman, who sustained a hip fracture and replacement when she was thrown to the ground during a robbery by two men after exiting a department store and walking through a parking lot to her car. The theory of recovery was lack of security for a business invitee in a high crime area. Testimony of security experts and police officers was utilized. An annual wage loss of $11,000 was asserted.

A $455,000 settlement in Philadelphia County Federal Court for a slip and fall accident that occurred when exiting a grocery store where sugar was spilled on the automatic door mat on a rainy day. The 38 year old man had two herniated discs repaired in surgery. He alleged a lost earning capacity of $15,000 per year. The claimant has residual leg pain.

A $550,000 jury verdict in Philadelphia for a 62 year old woman pedestrian who stepped aside off a tiled walkway onto a metal tree grate at a hotel and got her heel caught and fell. She had a four part fracture and conservative therapy for 3 years with proposed shoulder replacement. There was no wage loss but $20,000 in past medical expenses. The grate was uneven and should have been replaced with a model that had smaller openings for pedestrian use. The insurance carrier offered $100,000 to settle before verdict which was rejected.

A $350,000 settlement in Blair County for a medical negligence case against a Neurologist and Ophthalmologist . The claimant, a 28 year old mother of three, lost vision in one eye and suffered body scarring from mismanagement of her pseudo-tumor cerebri condition with high dosage of steroids and lumbar punctures over seven months. She lost no time from work but abandoned two of her children and divorced her husband due to emotional problems as a complication of excessive Prednisone therapy. The family has reunited and the mother intends to leave work and raise her children.

A $129,000 jury verdict in Philadelphia for a 60 year old delivery man who slipped on ice at an auto parts store and sustained rotator cuff tear and back injuries. His arthroscopic surgery was successful but he could no longer work part time. His medical bills were approximately $10,000. The jury assessed comparative negligence of 20% against the plaintiff.

A $3.6 million dollar settlement in Philadelphia County for medical negligence causing brain damage to an infant who had distress during labor at a suburban hospital. Over twelve (12) experts were presented in support of our claim for this minor child.

A $410,000 settlement in Philadelphia County for the death claim filed by a widow of a 57-year old warehouseman who had neck surgery that failed when metal plates and screws came loose from the spine. He had four repair surgeries within a week and died from an M.I. because of an overly aggressive surgical procedure. The case was presented over four days before a jury prior to settlement.

A $38,000 verdict in Philadelphia County for soft tissue neck and back injuries from a motor vehicle accident. The 30 year old mother of 3 received 8 months of therapy with medical bills totaling $11,000 and no wage loss.

A $700,000 settlement for a husband and wife in a head on collision in Montgomery County. The wife had bilateral wrist fractures and returned to work in three months with no wage loss and minimal loss of motion. The husband had three part broken leg fracture and returned to work in four months with no residual losses.

A $750,000 Philadelphia County settlement against an HMO for denying out of network referral for surgery. The plaintiff, a 50 year old housewife and part time office worker has a neurologic condition termed Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. We alleged that after the denial, the HMO was obligated to provide the name of an alternative surgeon. Instead plaintiff did not have surgery then condition worsened. The structured settlement to plaintiff will provide lifetime benefits.

A $25,000 settlement in Philadelphia County for a single mother of two children, age 35 and is a hairdresser. She tripped over a construction sign left on a sidewalk at right and treated for one year with no documental wage loss and bills totaling $11,000. The providers accepted 50% payment.

$900,000 settlement in Philadelphia for medical negligence case brought by a 19 year old who had an abortion at 24 weeks gestation. During the D & E procedure the uterus was lacerated causing the fetal head to drop into the abdomen along with massive internal bleeding. An emergency laparotomy and hysterectomy were performed but the ureter connecting the bladder to the kidney was sutured and went undetected for 4 months. The kidney was destroyed resulting in removal and severe scarring. Subsequently, the young woman attempted suicide. A lump sum and lifetime monthly benefit will be paid.

4.3 million binding high/low arbitration award after a two day hearing in Philadelphia for a 40 year old woman who was struck by a delivery truck as traffic slowed on the expressway. Her head broke the left door window and she immediately suffered temporary paraplegia requiring three weeks hospitalization and two years rehabilitation. The wife and mother of two lost her food concession contract in the airport where she had grossed $850,000 in one year preparing and serving food. A college graduate, she suffered cognitive brain deficit and her I.Q. score was reduced to 69. Cervical herniated discs were worsened and require surgery. She is totally disabled from owning her business.

$173,000 arbitration award in Delaware County to a 40 year old single woman, who suffered dog bite to her face requiring four (4) surgeries to her nose and lip. We were able to prove her boyfriend's dog had vicious propensities and that he failed to exercise reasonable care and control of his dog when it growled as our client gave him his food at the direction of her boyfriend.

$230,000 settlement to a 45 year old woman confined to a wheelchair when she fell forward from a Septa bus due to malfunction of chair lift while loading. She suffered a tear of her rotator cuff at the shoulder and underwent surgery.

$215,000 settlement for 35 year old social worker who stepped off a curb that was blocked for construction at a Burger King. She stepped down onto sticky tar on newly paved asphalt. Her dislocated and fractured elbow was surgically repaired and she lost six (6) months from work.

$230,000 settled in Chester County two days before trial for a 40 year old married mother who slipped and fell on water at a restaurant bathroom. The manager denied the absence of a motion on the floor but admitted the sink had a recurrent problem of leaking creating danger. The mother and wife suffered a RSD nerve damage, but had already been disabled and on Social Security from a prior non traumatic condition that put pressure on her spine and caused similar pre-existing symptoms. At the time of trial, she had a spinal cord stimulation place but her symptoms we unabating. No lost wages or medicals bills were offered.

$500,000 uninsured motorist settlement for a 45 year old Costa Rican truck driver in Montgomery County during the first day of trial. His trailer jack knifed when he avoided a vehicle in a snowstorm witnessed by another trucker. No surgery for his lumbar herniations but he could never drive a truck for the union again resulting in an expected wage loss of $600,000.00. He received injections in his spine by an anesthesiologist.

$200,000 jury trial verdict in Philadelphia County for a medical negligence claim by a disabled roofer already receiving workers' compensation. The plaintiff is a 50 year-old married male, fell in the street and broke his leg. We proved the negligence of the emergency room physicians who failed to x-ray his leg after he fell a second time in the hospital. His injury resulted in additional surgery and worsening of his disability.

$10,000 jury trial verdict in Delaware County for a 40 year-old married computer technician injured in a motor vehicle accident. He only received acupuncture and a short course of physical therapy due to aggravation of pre-existing back condition with no loss of work and no excess medical bills.

$1,000,000 settlement for policy limits in Centre County Wrongful Death and Survival Action for death of 10 year old and her father from carbon monoxide poisoning due to negligent work converting oil burner to gas fired furnace at apartment bldg. over ten years before the injuries. Theories of dangerous premises, failure to warn and faulty inspection for building code violations were asserted.

$100,000 jury trial verdict in Delaware County for a 72-year old client who was injured in a motor vehicle accident. The insurance carrier for the striking vehicle offered only $10,000 after all evidence was presented. The client was a semi-retired salesman who suffered an aggravation to a part of his cervical spine where he had undergone prior neck surgery. The verdict was paid without appeal.

1.6 million settlement in Philadelphia County against an apartment complex and moving company. A forty year old single father tripped over a hand truck that was carelessly left in front of his doorway. He suffered RSD in his hand but remains disabled from his job as a house painter. The settlement was obtained via a Mediation with a retired Federal Magistrate after presenting a videotaped settlement brochure using eight different witnesses including family members and experts. The accident occurred in Chester County and suit was filed in Philadelphia.

1.4 million dollar settlement for 69 year old Blind widow who fractured her hip after slipping on water in her own condominium unit at a high rise in Philadelphia. The leak from her ceiling was present for 2 weeks. When she complained that it was unsafe she was told to place her own pans under the leaks until they could get to the problem. We discovered that an alarm had been removed from the HVAC condenser unit in the unit above due to a recurring over flow of the old equipment that was known to the condominium association. The leak traveled one night into a clear path that she had designated. This fantastic woman was a "poster child" for the Penna. Assoc. for the Blind traveling to conventions and giving presentations nationwide. She also worked as a Mary Kay sales person who traveled alone to the suburbs using public transportation to sell her product. A Life Care Plan showed a cost of 1.5 million for her to have personal assistance due to her total disability and loss of independence. A DVD Summary was presented to a Mediator for resolution.

A $73,000 settlement prior to trial for a 72 year old woman who suffered a fractured eye socket, broken elbow and tear of her Achilles tendon when she was forced to step down into a street that was uneven due to repaving which caused her to trip and fall. The sidewalk was closed in the middle of the block of Chestnut St. without a permit, proper signage or safe alternative path in violation of city ordinance. She had a healthy recovery with limited medical lien and no wage loss. There were contested liability issues where defendant store owners denied notice of the closure. A resolution was reached after Court assisted negotiations.

A 1 million dollar policy limit settlement against a fast food restaurant negotiated at a Mediation. Our client suffered a fractured hip and permanent disability after slipping on water that was on the floor in front of an automated soda machine. The manager had carelessly discarded the floor mat which had been placed in the area to prevent accidents and injuries to all customers. Our client is in her 50's and has a pre-existing handicap that requires her to use crutches. Prior to the injury, she lived independently and routinely took public transportation to shop and visit friends and family. Because of her new permanent disability, she went from being "community ambulatory" to a prisoner in her apartment for the past 3 years. Our client cannot negotiate the small steps to get outside her apartment because she is confined to a wheelchair and lives alone. With her settlement, she can now afford assisted living.