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Personal Injury

WHENEVER SOMEONE SUFFERS INJURY, it is automatically assumed that an attorney can better help a person obtain a cash recovery for damages than if they act alone. While the law provides for payment to an injured party if their injury is due to the negligence of another, it is important that a person be told what is expected of them to preserve the claim and protect the value.

SELECT AN INJURY ATTORNEY who will tell you what to do and not just what you want to hear. Often more information and investigation must be done before questions can be answered.

BE SURE YOU CAN EASILY SPEAK TO THE ATTORNEY right from the first interview. You and your personal injury attorney will most likely be spending lots of time together in the future and therefore a trust and confidence must be developed in order to help you make difficult decisions.

CONSULT Tom Yorko as your personal injury attorney. He is skilled and has the valuable trial experience over the past 30 years to move these cases forward and or bring them to a resolution with the jury system. Because Tom is known by insurance companies and their defense attorneys, you will benefit since they understand his good reputation and knowledge of the true value of your claim.

"GO SEE MY FRIEND, HE IS A GOOD ATTORNEY" This is a comment that you hear from people in conversation once they learn that you or a family member have been injured. Why not call Tom Yorko and speak to him yourself? You can decide if you like his professional qualities. Ask about his experience. Your inquires are all confidential and you will be given a face to face meeting.

WHAT IS MY CASE WORTH? This is always a favorite question that has no right answer. You can be told anything in order to make you feel good whenever you discuss your injuries. Wouldn't you rather know what factors will truly enhance or increase the value of your claim and how to get that valuable information to the right people to expedite your settlement?

WHEN YOU TELL SOMEONE THE NAME OF YOUR ATTORNEY, you should have confidence in your attorney's representation. Tom Yorko is the professional that will give you that trust and confidence.